Fire Safety and Protection Solutions

Fire Alarm

24-7 Remote Monitoring for Unparalleled Protection

In some buildings, a basic fire alarm system is not sufficient.  While sounders alert those in the vicinity to smoke or fire, it’s not a fool proof warning system. For enhanced protection, fire alarm monitoring; linking you directly to our fully NSI Gold accredited remote monitoring station, Cougar Monitoring can offer round-the-clock protection for your estate.

How does remote monitoring work?

If your premises are unoccupied after business hours or long-term vacant, protect your business infrastructure and possessions with remote monitoring. Sensors located around the building detect heat or smoke and trigger an alarm. The alarm is received by our monitoring station, where an operator verifies the incident (to ensure it’s not a false alarm) and immediately alerts the fire brigade to the incident. Simultaneously, the alarm’s control panel sends an alert to an operator enabling them to identify the fire’s location and pass on this important information to the emergency services.

What are the benefits of remote monitoring?

Fire has a major impact on business continuity which shouldn’t be underestimated.  Coupled with the fact that empty buildings are attractive to vandals and arsonists, a rapid response to fire is a sensible precaution to take.

Connecting your fire alarm to a monitoring centre gives you peace of mind when your building is empty. You are ensured a speedy response from the emergency services 24/7, minimising damage and loss to your estate.



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