Smoke Ventilation

Smoke Ventilation

What is smoke ventilation?

Smoke ventilation is a building ventilation system that allows smoke to escape. During a fire-related emergency, people may be prevented from escaping by smoke build-up, which can happen in a matter of minutes. If a fire was to break out, having smoke control systems in place limits and controls the movement of smoke throughout a building. These systems are designed to both maintain clear escape routes for people and safe access for firefighters entering the building.

There are a range of ventilation systems designed to deal with smoke including window vents, sky vents and roof vents. Silver Group can advise you on the differences between these systems and which one is most suitable for your building.

How does a smoke ventilation system work?

There are two main types of smoke ventilation systems which are natural and mechanical.

  • Natural smoke ventilation systems consist of roof vents, window vents, smoke shafts and skylights. They automatically open when heat and smoke sensors are triggered. You’ll often see smoke ventilation systems referred to as Automatic Opening Vents (AOV), for this reason. The beauty of this system is that it can be used throughout the year as well as for emergencies. Natural air flow on hot days is a bonus for a stuffy office or overheated shopping centre. The vents we install can optionally be opened for this purpose as well.


  • Mechanical ventilation systems do the same job but at a more advanced level. Smoke is forcibly extracted via a mechanical extract shaft which can serve corridors, lobbies and stairwells (commonly used as main escape routes). Fans inside the shaft extract smoke and prevent it from drifting into other compartments within the building.

Our expertise in smoke ventilation

Silver Group are smoke ventilation experts, partnering with only the finest manufacturers in the industry. We work with our customers from start to finish; advising, designing, installing, supplying and maintaining smoke ventilation systems.

Our systems are suitable for most types of high-rise buildings including residential and commercial premises. With our experience, Silver Group can ensure your smoke control system or AOV is fully compliant to current legislation.

We work in partnership with SE Controls, the UK’s leading manufacturer of smoke ventilation systems. As such, we’re able to design, install and maintain all types of smoke ventilation and heat exhaust systems. These innovative systems are used across a wide range of commercial and multi-occupancy residential buildings, as well as local authority projects and visitor attractions.

This complete solution positions us uniquely, ensuring our customers are legally compliant. We ensure that all parts of the system and their fitment have been completed to standards with rigorous testing. Silver Group are regularly audited to ensure that we complete the designs to those high standards and requirements and, of course, to establish that out work procedures are of the very highest standards.



I have always had a great experience with Silver Group, everyone from head office to the engineers, they are always very helpful.

Silver Group are available 24 hours a day and are always helpful, we cannot fault the service. The equipment is very easy to use but, if we do ever need any help, we know they are always there. We would recommend Silver Group to anyone.

Silver Group provide a professional, quick and efficient service. From the initial survey of the property to completion, all engineers and employees were polite, clean and informative. I would recommend that anyone looking for an AOV system speak to Silver Group.

Having used Silver Group for several years on many development projects, they have always been very thorough from design to install. Their advice has certainly saved us a few headaches!

Silver Group understood our needs and designed and installed a system that met those needs in an efficient and friendly manner, a job well done!