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There are many benefits to using turnstiles as a preferred mode of access control.

There are many different types of turnstiles, ranging from full-height ‘cages’, to low-intensity waist-height ticket barriers more common in train stations. We recognise the importance of personalised security, and so we offer a wide range of turnstile types to suit your business needs.

Turnstiles can complement your access control system by enabling you to:

  • Precisely measure and log bidirectional foot traffic in and out of your property
  • Control and limit entry and exit for large groups of pedestrians
  • Funnel foot access to a single point on site
  • Quickly modify your access control through easy installation
  • Freeze access or exit immediately through locking mechanisms
  • Allowing for better visibility and observation than conventional doors
  • Deterring would-be intruders


Integration with other systems

Turnstiles can also be combined with other technologies to create a highly effective security system. They provide an ideal point at which to place 2-way audio or video intercoms, keycard access points, security cameras, or biometric fingerprint scanners.

Turnstiles can therefore become the focal point of any subsequent access control developments. Turnstiles can also be used as a complementary outdoor foot-traffic alternative to gates and bollards. While these are both fantastic access solutions for vehicles on a property, they are not as effective in regulating pedestrian traffic due to the size and scale they are designed to function within. Full-size turnstiles allow you to limit foot traffic to a single, secure entry point, big enough to let people through efficiently but small enough to stop vehicle access. Certain types of turnstiles can also be fitted with emergency override mechanisms to free up the exit point, which makes them suitable for use with fire safety systems.

If your security needs are less intense, smaller turnstiles can also be fitted inside entrance buildings to allow people to access a frontal reception or information point. These can still effectively restrict unauthorised personnel from getting beyond an entry point.

Silver Group can supply and install all types of turnstiles to fit your needs. We believe turnstiles are an important physical access development, and by integrating them within a larger automated security system, you will really begin to reap the benefits.

To find out more about the different types of turnstiles, call our expert team today on 0800 083 0131.

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