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Automatic Opening Vent (AOV)

Automatic Opening Vents from Silver Group – Experts for smoke ventilation systems

Automatic opening vent systems (AOVs) allow you to integrate automated windows (typically by use of actuators) and sources of ventilation into an optimised fire safety system. These smoke ventilation systems open mechanically when triggered by stimuli from heat or smoke detectors – their primary function being to allow for natural ventilation of air and smoke.

Silver Group working in partnership with SE Controls, the UK’s leading manufacturer of smoke ventilation controls, are able to design, install and provide ongoing maintenance for all types of smoke ventilation and heat exhaust systems for buildings. These innovative systems have ranged from commercial to multi-occupancy residential as well as local authority projects.


We ensure that the following British and European approval standards apply to the systems we design, install and provide maintenance for: 

EN12101 – This European standard requires that natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators installed as a components of a natural smoke and heat exhaust system are CE marked and meet the Construction Products Regulations. For the products to meet this approval, they must have passed many rigorous tests. Regardless of the repeated tests in extreme hot and cold temperatures, with snow and high winds as additional factors, the vents must suffer no more than a 10% loss in aperture of opening. They operate with 60  seconds on activation.

EN60335-2-103:2003 This covers electric drives for windows and vents and specifies that any automatic mechanism installed with finger trap design consideration.
BS 7346-8:2013 – Product components and the code of practice for planning, design and installation as well as ongoing maintenance of Smoke control systems.
BS 8519:2010 – Ensuring the fire resistance of all cable and wiring for the devices and their control systems.


Although best suited to new projects – which allow you to integrate an AOV into the structure of complex buildings as a comprehensive, natural ventilation system – AOVs can also be fitted to existing projects as part of an integrated fire safety or smoke control solution. In a fire, smoke is considered a bigger threat than fire itself. That’s why fire safety often implores us to crawl along the floor below smoke. One of the other biggest threats during a fire is firefighters being unable to access buildings safely and quickly due to any structural damage caused.

As AOVs open automatically and are built into the most structurally sound parts of the building (the outer walls or roof), AOVs allow smoke to rise above escape routes, giving significantly improved visibility and ventilation to occupants, as well as giving firefighters quick and easy access to a building in order to carry out fire and rescue operations. This means earlier firefighting, better safety, and less permanent damage to your facilities or offices.

Silver Group is committed to providing its customers with optimum fire safety technology and service. As fire specialists and market leaders in smoke ventilation systems, we can provide AOV solutions either as standalone installations or as part of a fully comprehensive, integrated fire safety system. This way you can ensure your facilities go above and beyond legal standards. For further information on our AOV solutions, call us now on 0800 083 0131

Reduced energy consumption

automatic opening vent and fire safety
AOVs can also significantly improve a building’s cost and energy efficiency. Not only can they be used for the purposes of fire safety, but they can also be connected with central heating systems or thermometers to automatically control how much heat or energy is actually needed in a building. Automated windows can therefore massively lower your building’s energy bills and carbon footprint. It centralises control over energy efficiency into an automated system – no more wasted energy through occupants opening windows whilst the heating is on!

They can also massively increase building security, and can be integrated with other security systems to regulate access to a building more generally.

The benefits of automatic opening vents

  • Improved smoke ventilation
  • Improved cost efficiency
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Improved natural ventilation
  • A lower carbon footprint
  • Stronger all-round fire safety and security system
  • Easier fire and rescue access

Automatic opening vents can be included as part of a bespoke security and safety solution provided by Silver Group. For personalised advice and consultancy, call us now on 0800 083 0131

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